Insecurity: Nigeria cannot Afford to Push her Luck Further – Iwunoh


Nigerian born security professional, Mr Chuks Peter Iwunoh, has warned that though Nigeria is one of the luckiest nations in the world not to have had war break out from her in recent time despite the height of insecurity that has engulfed her saying the leaders must rise to the occasion, strip themselves of ethno-religious biases and deal decisively with the continued security deterioration before it consumes the entire nation.

Stating this while speaking exclusively to News Medal over the upsurge in crime that has stoked ethno-religious crises in almost all parts of the country, Iwunoh who is a member of the Institute of Disaster Management and Safety Science (IDMSS), further warned that “Nigeria should learn from other nations where such ethno-religious crises resulted into bitter wars to the extent that such nation’s were broken into pieces.

“Nigeria must not allow herself go the way of some other countries that had similar challenges like her but refused to address them until the worst happened.

“Those who commit crimes under whatever guise must not be shielded for any reason. They must be served justice through the lawful processes because without justice, no matter how one tries to gloss over it, there can’t be peace, and the longer peace eludes any society, the more it degenerates into something more frightful. Nigerian leaders need to act more responsibly to curb the worsening security situation”, he concluded.

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