What pastor told Ndigbo about Biafra | READ DETAILS


Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh, the founder of Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministries Inc., a.k.a By Fire By Fire, Nnewi, Anambra State, has advised Ndigbo not to dissipate their energy on the much talked Igbo presidency in 2023 but rather go for Biafra actualization.

According to him, from the look of things, Ndigbo has no future prospect in the Nigerian project. He said looking at the lopsided appointments of service chiefs and other political appointments, so far made by the present Buhari regime, coupled with incessant shootings and killings of Igbo youths by soldiers in various parts of Igbo land, Ndigbo, including Ohanaeze do not need a suitsayer to tell them that they do not have any stake in Nigeria, both now and in the future.

Speaking to newsmen in his office, in reaction to the recent appointment of service chiefs, Bishop Udeh revealed that he saw in a vision where the Igbo presidency project flopped by either the north which is in majority did not allow an Igbo man to emerge as president or that if an Igbo man emerged, the power brokers in the north would continue to teleguide him or worst still, cut his tenure short by ousting him out of power prematurely.

According to the cleric, “I have a revelation that Ndigbo’s quest to produce a Nigeria President would not only amount to a fruitless venture but also an exercise in futility”. “I insist that what would favour Ndigbo is to expedite efforts to actualize Biafran nation and not an Igbo president because any Igbo man elected as Nigerian President would not last in office and would be subjected to the wishes and dictates of the power brokers in Nigeria”. “The Northern oligarchy had continued in pretence to support Nigerian President of Igbo extraction in 2023 as if they meant it. Ndigbo should be cautious about the game plan and not to fall for it”, he cautioned.


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