Confusion As Bride Receives Cutlass As Wedding Gift


Weddings apart from being a day marked for the celebration of love is also a day when couples get numerous gifts from their families and friends.

However, in a bride’s case, she got a strange gift that has sparked confusion on what she is supposed to use it for.

According to the reports, the Family of a new bride has expressed concern after she received a cutlass as a wedding present.

The report was shared by the bride’s sister on Twitter who shared a photo of the cutlass received by the bride as a wedding gift.

The confused sister @baddestchef on Twitter, expressed her disappointment, as she questions why someone would gift her sister a cutlass.

She wrote; Why would someone give my sister a wrapped cutlass as a wedding gift?

See her post below;

Nigerians took to the comment section to revealed other strange wedding gift they have heard of and seen as well.

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