Watch As Nigerians In Texas Scream ‘Up NEPA’ As Power Is Finally Restored (Video)


Over the past few days, there has been an issue of power disruption in Texas as some Nigerians living there took to social media to lament.

Well, power was finally restored some hours and some Nigerians living in Texas in the United States have been seen in a video rejoicing and shouting up NEPA.

Texas has been experiencing a severe winter storm which has caused widespread power outages to millions of homeowners in the state.

       The video has gone viral on social media Twitter especially with ‘Up NEPA’ trending.

Watch the video below;

NEPA is an acronym for the defunct National Electric Power Authority, which is associated with regular power outages.

NEPA was later replaced by Power Holding Company of Nigeria PHCN, however, years later it was privatised but to date, an average Nigerian still scream Up NEPA whenever power is restored.


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