We’ve constructed 13 roads awarded by Ikpeazu, working on 9 others, firm replies Sen Adeyemi


As more reactions still trail the outburst by Senator Smart Adeyemi of Kogi West district against Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State, one of the major construction firms in the state, ECKLEEN INTEGRATED SERVICES, has said that Ikpeazu does not need such uncomplimentary remark considering his strides in infrastructural development.

Senator Adeyemi, had during a debate on the floor of the senate, described Governor Ikpeazu as a “drunkard”,adding that ” Abia is ruled by drunkards”.

ECKLEEN construction firm said it had handled a number of notable projects in the state awarded by Gov Ikpeazu, describing him as one of the few governors in the country that have made an incontrovertible mark in infrastructural development.

According to the firm, Ikpeazu would not have recorded the numerous successes achieved by his administration especially in infrastructure if he were a drunk.

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Uzoma Onuoha, in a statement, noted that his company alone had completed 13 road projects awarded by Ikpeazu’s administration, and currently working on nine new roads.

Onuoha wondered why Senator Adeyemi should make such disparaging vituperations against a performing governor.

He advised politicians against making unguarded utterances in their bid to score cheap political points.

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  1. Mizta Tee Ezeh says

    I am particularly disturbed as a concerned Abian why an uncircumcised Philistine should mingle in the affires of the God’s own people who are the inhabitants of the God’s own State. Can somebody kindly tell me,what business has Jerusalem with Athens?
    What right has a fulani herdman and sponsor of the waves of banditry, kidnappings and terrorism which is ravaging Northern Nigeria to judge God’s own anointed Governor? Anyway, the barking dog only seeks attention from the God’s own people. However,he should know that it is actually drunkerds that call normal people “drunk”,it is a madman that calls sane people “mad”.
    My advice to our God chosen Governor is that he should remain focused and not allow opposition distract him. Time will tell who the drunks truly are just as it has already began. For a seating Senator, of all the numerous challenges facing this country especially his region(North), to focus on attacking credible leadership of a distant State rather than addressing the numerous issues that are ravaging his region is alone a signal of not just being drunk but being drunk to stupor.
    I am remain a proud son of Abia and am proud to be it.

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