One of the Nation’s leading Prophets and Founder of Christ Deliverance Ministries {CDM} Lagos, His Grace, Prophet Ekong Ituen, has advised Christians and Muslims to get themselves involve in moving Nigeria forward as Mr President can’t do it alone. He urged them to emulate Jesus Christ and Mohammed and cease from marketing hatred in place of constructive criticism as President Buhari is not Nigeria’s problem being misconceived by many Nigerians. Ituen stated this when well-meaning Nigerians visited him recently to inquire about the state of the Nation and the expected solution.

Hear him;

“Let me start by telling Nigerians that Buhari is not Nigeria’s problem. Yes, the buck stops at his table as the President of our Country but I make bold to say that the problems in Nigeria are not Buhari’s making. He inherited  these problems and he has been working to solving them. Unfortunately, his critics do not accept his efforts good enough, undermining the prevailing circumstances. To them nothing good in Buhari; Mr. President is evil and the cause of all problems in Nigeria. Why? It’s hatred being engineered by some characters in our political space who refused to see anything good in this government. Surprisingly, some clergymen have joined in the attack of Mr. President all in the name of criticism , not minding the fulcrum of Christ teachings which is love. We should toe the path of the Holy Book that tells us to “pray for those in authority for there is no power but of God”

I do not want to over-emphasize the common knowledge that Christianity is a religion of love and peace void of  hatred. But the degree of hatred and anger towards President Buhari by some of my colleagues in the Body of Christ is worrisome.”

“The truth is that some of our Christian Leaders are yet to get over the 2015 election that enthroned Buhari as the President even when they know much as I do that God gives power to whoever He wishes. It is on record that I warned Jonathan severally through the power of God against impending defeat as reported in;

Daily Sun – 15/1/2015 Page 47. “President Jonathan will not win 2015 Presidential Election because I have seen the flag falling from his hands which signifies defeat …”

“Buhari is not perfect as a human and may not have lived to the expectations of some Nigerians but he deserves some form of encouragement and love to keep him working for Nigeria of our dream because you can’t keep a man under attack and expect him to work  optimally.

Any local government or State government that’s under-performing is linked to Buhari instead of the direct beneficiaries to ask and blame their  political leaders/representatives who are in custody of their developmental funds. Courtesy demands to ask; is Buhari the reason your Governors not performing? Let’s begin to ask ourselves who owes us what? and we will get to know where to rightly place our blames.”

“Mr. President can’t do it alone; no leader does it alone. Leadership and followership must be fully activated as the two are intertwined, and anyone of it in the absence of the other is bound to give unexpected result.

Buhari cannot replicate himself in every state though his lieutenants are there, and who are they? Our brothers and sisters ‘milking’ us to death and pretending as our representatives, yet we give them kudos for giving us ‘nothing’  from the quantum received from the Presidency to develop us.”

“Moving Nigeria forward is a project that involve all of us. If you are a Christian, show the Christ in you; a Muslim, show the Mohammed in you. Do enough from that side of the pond and stop marketing hatred in place of constructive criticism.  God bless Nigeria.”

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