Rejoice, no one can cheat you


Rejoice, no one can cheat you

You see the Source of Creation is all-knowing.

The Solar System is held by Natural Laws
Historically, no one has ever broken the laws.
You can only break thyself.

Rejoice, all your efforts are recorded and not by man, but nature.

At all times, give your best.

It is a fait accompli that attention is a scarce commodity in the marketplace today, but you can stand out.

The Law of Compensation is a payment law.

It pays all according to your deeds.

Never complain.

Never condemn.

Run away from murmuring.

This law pays.

No matter what you are going through now, hold on to this law.

It knows your name.

No one can take what belongs to you without dire consequences.

It is a crime against humanity if you refuse to do that the Cosmic has equipped you to do.

Seek this day for clarity.

Seek within.

Never believe anything without asking questions.

Instead of believing, know.

Anything you say that is not within your experience makes you a liar.

Don’t trust any authority, verify.

Instead, trust that intelligence that converts a piece of food to a human being.

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