Be such an eager beaver who’s certain to succeed.


Be such an eager beaver who’s certain to succeed.

By Marapeace Austine

Pursue your dreams and while at it, try making one business your cash cow.

Because while going for your passion which may not be paying you well at the moment till you get a foot in the door, you still need a skill or a side hustle that comfortably covers you financially a bit till you start making money from the main hustle.

Some of us don’t have rich families and friends who can comfortably let us depend on them for a very long time.

That’s why you need that Cash cow.

Agriculture has never been my thing.

Growing up, you wouldn’t dare ask me to follow you to the farm.

But then, here I am doing it and even loving every bit of it while I still work on my passion.

Think like a business man.

A good business man creates a business that makes a profit and provides for the rest of the business.

That may not be his favourite but he secures his favourite by securing the bag.

Smart people don’t go belly up. You can’t just sit right there and fail completely.

Stand up and try other things too til you get it right, no matter how long it’s going to take you.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried. What matters is the final result.

BTW, We’ve started planting our Pepper and Egg plants for 2021.

Agriculture is the new oil and we ain’t stopping anytime soon.

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