The power is within you


“At any given moment you have the power to say this is not how my story is going to end.”

The power to recharge, relaunch and change for the better is an integral part of every human.

However, not all has the courage to activate that power and use it to improve their lives.

Life is lived better when you can pause and reflect on the direction your life is headed, to be sure it is where you intend to arrive.

While you still have breath, you can improve a lot of things.

It is common to feel you have travelled the wrong path long enough that you cannot reverse to the right path.

Remember, the longer you drive towards the wrong direction, the further you are from your destined destination.

The moment you realise you are on the wrong path and the earlier you make that turn around, the less time it will take you to arrive at the proper place.

You have the power to stop a lot of things in your life.

You have the power to stop the flow of negative feelings that affect you negatively.

You have the power to change your circle.

But before you can truly do that, you need to realise you are on the wrong path.

Self examination is one of the hardest things to do.

And when people do it, they shirk the responsibilities of their mistakes and the work required to make the necessary changes.

It is good sometimes to reflect on your life personally and be bold to point out to yourself the areas that require changes.

At such moments, tune down the opinions of others.

Especially those that benefit from you, who may hail you into your doom.

Humans can really be very hypocritical.

Sometimes, the truth you tell yourself may be the only one you will hear, especially when you are up there.

In fact, when you are up there, only a few around you will be bold enough to look you in the face and tell you the truth.

The power to change the course of your life and how your story will end is within you.

To make it more effective you can get a trusted accountability partner who has the capacity to monitor and keep you on track.

Sometimes, it may not be a smooth or easy ride.

There may be moments of slips and relapse but the smart thing to do is not to remain fallen, but to quickly rise with stronger determination .

The ability and decision to stay the course requires sacrifice of some sort.

But if it is the right path, it is worth it.

You must give up on the things and people that distract you from your focused path or goal.

You must create a realistic but bold mental picture of how you want that story to end and pursue it with strength and determination.

It will require work.

You must be committed to exerting the energy, invest the time and resources needed to make the change possible.

Remember, most times nobody will do it for you, it’s your call to make.

Someone said, “It toook me a long time to understand that life is do it yourself.”

You should understand that you must personally participate in the process of ending the way you desire.

If you let others do it completely for you, I dare say you may not be happy how it will end.

Today is the time to wisely reflect on your life and decide how you want the story to end and do the work required to achieve it.

By Chinenye Nwaogu

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