Azumini Blue River is a spiritual arena


The Azimini Blue River is one of nature’s phenomenon which has revealed lots of spiritual powers that judges anyone who soils his or hands in questionable activities.

Unfortunately, learnt that the blue river is an untapped wealth of tourism which the Abia state government needs to invest by cleaning up the environment, upgrade the tourist facility to attract national and international tourist which in turn will generate revenue.

As a quest to know more about this blue river, the Abia State Inbound Tourist team on Saturday embarked on a tour to the much said Azumini Blue River which is also claimed to be the only blue river in Africa.

The Azumini blue river is located in Ukwa East local government area of Abia State Nigeria. It has its boundary with Akwa lbom State.

The Blue River has become a popular resort for tourists because of the pleasantness it offers.

Due to the quest to know more, some selected group of persons used the opportunity to explore what nature has presented to the community.

The tourists began their visit from the King’s Palace, His Royal Majesty , Eze Edward Ebere Eule, Ph.D, Enyenweall x Azumini-Ndoki Autonomous Community.

HRM Eze Edward gave the tourist a go ahead order to explore the nature of Azumini.

The attractive features of the River include its crystal-clear blue water, canoe rides, and sandy beaches which is beginning begging for attention.

The beach had relaxation facilities like a BBQ grill. The Blue River can be arguably called the crown jewel of all tourist centres, as it is a rare kind.

Little wonder Azumini people are proud to be associated with it.

The Azumini people believe that it was because of the peculiar nature of the river that their forefathers decided to settle in the present location called Azumini.

The president general of Azumini Welfare Association, Dr. Idaho Felix Wabaso who took the tourist round hinted that anyone with soiled hands never steps into Azumini river and comes out alive.

His words: Even if you put your legs inside here, you won’t come out. A young man went into money medicine, he made a lot of money, they said he should return the walking stick and he returned the walking stick, one day, he came down here, maybe something push him and he walked in down here, and he died.”

Dr. Idaho also revealed that anyone from the village is never drowned by any river.

“As long as you are from.this village, no river will carry you, whether you know how to swim or not, as long as your hands are clean, no river can carry you”

He also narrated how an indigen of Azumini became a major survival from a major river accident.

Dr. Idaho also revealed that ritual activities is been carried out periodically to appease the spirits of the blue river.

When asked if the community are not Christians? Dr. Idaho said ” How do we worship before the white men came?”

According paddy Anyantonwu, the organiser of the event, “as you can see, this river is purely blue and it’s the only blue river in Africa, I thank the source of creation to have given us this wonderful destination.

” I call on everyone to put hand on deck to develop this tourism destination. By next time we will come, there will be a road down to the beach so that tourist will drop dollars for us.”

The tourist attractions gave the visitors a blissfull life time experience because they were all excited.

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