Invest in yourself


“Invest in yourself, grind now, shine later”.

Chinenye Nwaogu writes

One of the greatest need of this generation is to learn the principle of delayed gratification. How I wish you can learn it, and inbibe it.

A wise one, once said “the world will pay you what it thinks you are worth. Please if you can, do not fall for the quick fix culture.

It is never sustainable, it doesnt last, you may as well pay for it somehow. There is a principle commonly used to elaborate this principle. It is the story of two hewers.

They were handed axes to cut down trees for a fee.

The first jumped into the fray and began cutting, the second man went first to sharpen his axe, while the first who had cut a few trees was groining under the pain of blisters the second fellow was gently getting the trees down without so much stress.

No doubt this principle may not apply in all cases, but nothing surpasses preparation. The world will certainly at the end of the day pay you what it thinks you are worth. Though certain allien cultures try to alter the basic principles of life, its all temporal.

There are immutable laws of nature that cannot be altered. You should try as much as you can to fully equip yourself for the life you dream and desire for.

There will be battles of life to fight, there will be challenges to surmount, if you are prepared you will not fear. Preparation requires time and effort.

For you to live the quality of life you dream sacrifice must be made.

Some have the privilege of having parents or forebears lay some foundation for them, but you too have a job to do to sustain the foundation.

The wise has empathised “prepare the child for the road and not the road for the child.” Doing otherwise is very dangerous due to the dynamic nature of life.

A fully equipped child will soldier on with great optimism to conquer every concievable challenge along the road of life.

Seek every opportunity to invest in yourself, no skill or knowledge acquired is a waste, see every opportunity to learn something new as a blessing and privilege.

There are unchangeable laws that every society must pass through or return to. One of which is that there must be a time those who know and are skilled must be sought after to discharge certain important responsibilities.

Any society that does not use its best will surely pay the huge price. The culture of mediocrity is never sustainable and has always led societies to dead ends.

Especially for the young, delayed gratification is a great virtue to acquire, seek it. Grind now and Shine later!

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