Is Gov Ikpeazu John the Baptist? ……who comes after him (1)


Is Gov Ikpeazu John the Baptist?

……who comes after him (1)


By  Paddy Anyatonwu


“You need to have extraordinary wisdom to be the forerunner”.

– Ma Huateng.



I cannot sincerely say that I am an Aba boy.


But, since the beginning of time, Aba was the only town I knew.


In 1988, I lived in Aba along the tail end of Faulks Road.


My point of departure was Ukwu Mango.


This means that I was crisscrossing the breadth and length of Faulks Road, hence I must pass through Osusu Road junction and Ama Ikonne.


Once in a while, I would want to meander through Omuma Road and these experiences were telling.

At that time, the tricycle popularly called ‘Keke’ in local parlance has not been born, hence buses were canoes, swimming and getting trapped in the labyrinth of confusion.



My friend lived at Ngwa Road, which means that regularly I am tempted to move to that corridor of the town.


My benefactor then had Uratta Road as his abode. I was always there.


Simply put, as far as 1988, most of the roads in Aba were not motorable.


For me, infractructurally speaking, Aba was not existing.


For the records, Aba people are resourceful, daring, and dogged.


Aba was a proud city and her inhabitants a pool of confident people.


It is a universal gateway to say to “Abum Nwa Aba”.


This mantra usually opens doors both locally and internationally till this day to those who chant it.


Sequel to the infrastructural decay at Aba, the inhabitants became hostile and defiant.


They literally lost confidence in successive governments in Abia State.


For them, ‘all na wash wash’.


So, when the present government mounted the saddle, the Aba people looked the other way and continued their suffering with dignity and equanimity.




An Aba-based trader, Chief Uzoma Anucha, who spoke to this writer said, ” We never believed this government until a few weeks ago. From the ways things are turning around in Aba, Gov Ikpeazu might be trusted, but we are still watching him with our fingers crossed”.



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