Law of Compensation


Law of Compensation

By Marapeace Austine

No one spends a minute with Chief without learning a new thing.

And if you get close to this man and still remain the same, then something is obviously wrong with you.


Today, I was with Dede’m at the Government house.

I came in sad and in just a second, his contagious smile got a better part of me..

Then, he started doing what he knows how to do best.

It was mind-soothing filling Naz and me with that positive energy, selling ideas to us, encouraging and teasing us.

Make sure you visit Chief Paddy with a working brain because you must think outside the box, be eager to learn, ask questions, share ideas.

One of the offices is like a HOME.

Aside from business, tourism, and Agriculture, we talked about the Universal Laws.


Dee Paddy teaches you by getting your brains, fingers, and whole-body at work.

He doesn’t teach, you lets you in, to study with him.


Today, I realized that According to the LAW OF COMPENSATION, your efforts will always come back to you.


According to Brian Tracy;

The Law of Compensation is another restatement of the Law of Sowing and Reaping.


It says that you will always be compensated for your efforts and for your contribution, whatever it is, however much or however little.



This Law of Compensation also says that you can never be compensated in the long term for more than you put in.

The income you earn today is your compensation for what you have done in the past.

If you want to increase your compensation, you must increase the value of your contribution.

Fill Your Mind With Success

Your mental attitude, your feelings of happiness and satisfaction, are also the result of the things that you have put into your own mind.


If you fill your own mind with thoughts, visions, and ideas of success, happiness, and optimism, you will be compensated by those positive experiences in your daily activities.


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