SYNOPSIS of ‘What a Billionaire Told a Poor Man’ (1)


SYNOPSIS of ‘What a Billionaire Told a Poor Man’ (1)


By Paddy Anyatonwu


John is a Nigerian.


At 23 years of age, he graduated from one of the Nigerian universities.

His father died when he was 10 years of age.

His mother saw him through school.


During his National Youth Service Corps, his mother died mysteriously. Broken-hearted, he rushed home from Kastina to perform the burial rites.

Money was alien to him as the Nigerian government was owing corpers three months’ allowance arrears.


Assisted by his friends and the maternal uncles, everything barely went well.

His mother was the third wife, and immediately after the burial, hostilities were unleashed against him.


The environment was negatively charged.


Being the only son, the other wives and half-brothers/sisters wanted him out of the way because of inheritance.

His father was rich in real estate and nobody wanted him to partake in the sharing.

Unfortunately, there was no Will to protect him. When hostilities reached a fever pitch, John had to leave the village to seek greener pastures. He ran to his maternal uncle, who raised him some money to travel to any city of his choice.

Armed with some cash, he chose Lagos, which he has been told by some ‘Eko’ inhabitants as a land of possibilities.



On that fateful day, September 25, 2005, he set forth.

Against paying for a full seat, he opted for an attachment and stood for over 11 hours that the journey lasted.


Hungry, tired, and with swollen legs, John does not know any place to go to as the luxury bus announced the final bus stop at Jibowu-Yaba, Lagos.

He slept in the park not knowing where the journey of life will take him to. Gazing to nowhere in particular and enveloped in deep thoughts, he murmured some prayers to his God and waited for mother luck to prove.


The hours passed and around 11 am the next day, he strolled to buy some food, lo and behold, he saw his classmate Ambrose, he helped with some assignments during their undergraduate days.

To be continued.






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