SYNOPSIS of ‘What a Billionaire Told a Poor Man’ (2)




SYNOPSIS of ‘What a Billionaire Told a Poor Man’ (2)


By Paddy Anyatonwu


Ambrose was happy to see his friend who was the best in the class. Many relied on John to solve complex mathematical assignments.


John is gifted and solved algebraic equations just as a hot knife handles butter.

He was liked by both lecturers and students.


He was heading to a first-class when his mother could not pay his school fees on time and he emerged with a second class upper division.

Ambrose wanted a way to pay back, and after some exchange of pleasantries, Ambrose took his friend home.


His parents were happy at least for the first time, Ambrose has brought somebody home as his friend.

They welcomed him with open hands.

Everything went well.

John was happy.


There were food and a constant supply of electricity.

Three months after, Ambrose’s cousin, Stephen visited, and that was not the first time he was visiting Ambrose in Lagos.


Stephen was on the rough side of life and a cultist while at the university.

Ambrose’s parents never knew much about Stephen, but Ambrose knows that his cousin was not a gentleman, and he dares not to tell them.

Stephen was a chain smoker, gambler, and a regular consumer of alcohol.

One day, like all left house for a church program, Stephen pretended that he forgot something at home.


He came back to the house, opened Ambrose’s father’s room, ransacked everywhere, and stole $1000 dollars from the wardrobe.

Quickly, he returned to the church and sat like a newly beatified saint. One week after, Ambrose’s father declared the money missing. Everywhere was searched to no avail.

Ambrose’s mother called him privately if he trusts his friend. He assured her that John was above board and cannot descend to the low level of stealing.


Worst still, this was the first time money was missing in the house, and that was not the first time that Stephen has ever come visiting as well.

To be continued.






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