Train your mind


Train your mind

By Chinenye Nwaogu

“Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is a choice, the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”


Life is too short to worry about every little stupid issue that comes your way, let go and enjoy. This is one of the most common motivational ideas.

The ability to see the good in everything can be developed and learned. It is one skill that can make you a very happy soul, extend your life, and save you from many troubles.


In reality, there are too many negatives to observe if that is your focus, but when you pay too much attention to the negatives that happen around you, be sure to live a perpetual life of misery. But on your own, you can make a decision to focus only on the positive.


Worries and fear are like birds, you cannot stop them from flying over your head but you can stop them from building a nest on your head. Optimism will help you with greater positive energy and strength.

Negative thoughts drain your strength and reduce your capacity to believe in yourself. When you lack self-confidence, it becomes very difficult to achieve anything outstanding.

Everyone seems to be born a genius, but by choice, you end up a superstar or mediocre. Life here on earth is too short to focus and worry about every issue that happens around you.

It is an obvious fact that you cannot determine or decide how anyone behaves or treats you. But certainly, you can decide how to react. This is an often repeated lifestyle, but only a few have decided to perfect it in their lives, hence why there are still so many troubles everywhere.

The wise always say when they go low, we go high. Life would have been very cool if the majority lived by this mantra. The power of choice is an inalienable power given freely to everyone on earth. Never let anyone or situation makes you feel you do not have this power. It will determine every other thing. Understanding this will determine how far you can go in life.

Taking charge of your thought process is the most important victory anyone can achieve in life. It literally makes you very powerful; nobody can determine or decide what you do in any given situation. Learn to see positivity in everything, when you do, certainly you will see all the opportunities there is. Even when people treat you badly or decide to work against you, focus on the opportunities you will definitely see many.


Use every negative situation to build an enviable life.

It goes without saying that in doing this you can decide to respond to attacks, persecution positively. It helps you not to respond to every attack against you rather focus on your journey. People may deliberately try to discourage or distract you from focusing on your goals by creating negative situations around you just to make you fail.


When you pay them attention, you will certainly fail, remain resolute, committed, and firmly focused on your set goals. That power seems the most important one to acquire.

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