PURGATORY: The Catholic Church is intelligent


PURGATORY: The Catholic Church is intelligent

Paddy Anyatonwu  illuminates

The interesting thing about most seekers is that they will never tell you that you’re wrong or call you names.

A Seeker has an open mind.

Belief is alien to them.

But, most believers are prone to anger.

They’re experts in name-calling.

By the slightest drop of a feather, they dash you condemnation or threaten you with hellfire.

Purgatory is not an illusion or mirage.

It is boldly written in the Christian Bible.

It amuses me how some Christians abuse and disparage other denominations outside theirs.

If in doubt, read these:

Ist Peter chapter 3 vs 19.

Ist Peter chapter 4 vs 6.

Seek and you shall find……




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