fulfilling promises matters


By chyka bro


The rudest people on earth are not the ill-mannered, impolite, or quick to take offense people you meet on here or in real life.


They are the people who come to you unprovoked; tell you they are going to do something for you or gift you something, get you all excited, only to leave you hanging.


A feeling akin to when a roller coaster stops mid-air and there is no explanation whatsoever.

Like, I was on my lane, minding my goddamn business and when you woke up that morning, you had asked,


“Mirror Mirror on the wall, who should suffer for my joblessness today?”


And the mirror on the wall had said it was me.


What sort of home training did some of you get that you are not aware you have to keep in constant communication with the person you made a promise to?


Is it not common sense to go back and state the reason for your ineptitude? While wait for months and sometimes never?


Like, you can’t possibly want the person who didn’t ask you for anything in the first place to be the one to remind you of your promise.


I mean, the word ‘promise’ has an ‘I’ and not a ‘U’. Meaning, the onus of keeping ends of bargains falls on the person who initiated the bargain in the first place.


You all need to do better


And you can apologize but surely, you wouldn’t still expect me to accept your gift like my life depended on it in the first place not after disrespectfully airing me the way you did, right?


I too have a mirror.


“Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s got a self-worth larger than the pacific”


And mirror would say,



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