I had a chat with a wonderful friend and he was like “mehn I can’t marry a woman without big yarsh and breast…urch abeg…I no fit”. I almost laughed my self to scorn but I won’t tell you my reply though. The reality is…most often…that’s what men want but not what they need.

Another senior friend also wanted same before he got married. Guess what? The last time we had a chat, he was like “oboy breast don fall yakata…the pillars that once held it has collapsed as a result of…”.

Every married couple I’ve ever met have one thing in common. They’re imperfect and always willing to look beyond the flaws. You must embrace this fact about life – nobody is perfect! Sometimes I wonder why “wanna-be” couples don’t seek advice or even approach elderly ones for guidance and moral support or advice. Everything in life has a precedent. Nothing is new under the sun and so is relationship…so if you want to find the right partner in life…you must start looking for not the perfect person for you but the right person for you.

I began a study of recent in temperament. It is a boring read but I’ve managed to find fun reading it and I implore everyone to do same. God in His wisdom created human beings to be different and hence the reason people often say that varieties is the spies of life. I’ve had my own fair share of a dream woman but experience has taught me how ridiculous my sensuality is often brought back to reality by purpose.

The easiest way to find true love is by loving yourself unconditionally, you can’t give what you don’t have. If your hurt, heal. If broken, mend yourself. If weak, find strength. If your going through depression, speak to someone.

Don’t carry such baggages onto an innocent fellow because you don’t have the monopoly of stupidity. And when you are free from these shackles of ignorance…make a deliberate effort to work and invest in yourself. People are no longer interested in liabilities or ready-made men. For better for worse is not a ruse – nwanne na reality check. Some who entered and gave up the union till date mourn in their private chambers…the show business is a camouflage!

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