Action is the oil that fuels success


“If you want to be the best, you have to do things other people aren’t willing to do.” Every great accomplishments in life comes with a price. Great success has a price tag, one of which is great sacrifice.

When you interrogate successful athletes, they will reveal how they spend extra countless hours Horning their skills while others doze off or play away precious time.

Most times you should understand the importance of decison in how your life eventually turns out. One portion of the holy book I love is the story of Daniel.

“Daniel purposed in his heart that he will not defile himself with the kings food…”. When the time of action arrives the time of preparation is long gone.

Whatever Daniel had done was a decison he had long made. “Purposed in his heart.” What have you purposed in your heart.

Do just live idling away your precious life and time thinking manner will hit you on the head along the road of life.

Do you just wake everyday with no plan and allow life drive anyhow it chooses?

It is not the wanting that is the issue, you have to do not just being willing, what others are not ready to do or go that extra mile others are not willing to stretch to achieve best in anything you set out to achieve.

Strive to live a life of excellence in the things you do. Refuse to settle for less or mediocrity.

It will require you putting in the extra effort, it will require sacrifice to nurture greatness. People may query your decision or determination to do things differently, do not pay them any attention.

Naysayers are part of the distraction team meant to discourage you from arriving your destination. They could be close relatives or pals. Those you seek the most validation from.

In life sometimes even your shadow may leave you. Everyone arrived here as a potential genius, you end up where your decisions can take you.

Decisions determines destiny most times. Action is the oil that fuels success, so extra action equals extra success if there is anything like that.

Many a times you meet people when they have crossed the incubation stages of their lives and you think the output you see was just an overnight accomplishment.

There must be time for ideation, incubation, preparation, exertion of energy, moments of failures, moments of perfection before arriving at being best in the things you do.

Always plan to follow the process, if providence gives a lift on the journey of success through any positive means at all count it as jara. But do not take a lift that will convey you to dead ends.

You will notice many athletes have used means other than their own efforts to achieve global fame only to be derobed when they needed a life of endless glory.

Most times when you loose the crown due to shunting you may not have the time and energy or chance to amend and return to the top. That is why it is very important to take the pains to go through the process properly.

There is no sequencing on who should arrive first or best what determines that is the efforts and sacrifice you are willing to make.

Talk is cheap sometimes dreams are too, the difference is action.

You must be determined to take the actions required to achieve greatness.

The power however is in you, be aware there will be forces pulling you the opposite direction, but if you are determined and deliberate you can hit the mark and become the best in the things you do.

In life everything is possible to him that desires and is determined to work the work required to achieve his life’s dreams.

Prepare today to put in the extra effort, walk the extra mile then arrive at the place called best.

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