Poverty, I Hate Thee



Poverty, I Hate Thee


Oh Poverty, why are you this wicked?

You kill slowly, but surely.

You’re more ferocious than HIV.

You’re more daring than malaria.

You have killed more than all the sicknesses combined.

You’re the major cause of stroke, and the uninitiated believe it is an evil spirit.

You lower a man’s self-esteem.

You are the major destroyer of marriages.

You populate the prison yards.

You churn out more criminal graduates than all the Universities put together.

You make the young disrespect the old.


The world hates you, but very few avoid you.

You’re contagious, even deadlier than Ebola.

Even, Jesus Christ pointed out that the poor will always live with us.

Poverty, you’re extremely wicked, you cause wars.

Nations rise above weaker ones.


Stronger Nations depose the leaders of smaller ones like Panama, Haiti, Libya, Sudan, Congo, Iraq and many more.

Oh Source of Creation, the Giver of all good things, come to our aids.

Your creatures are suffering occasioned by the wickedness of the Nigerian leaders.

Father Lord, you’re already aware of the humiliation of our people in Libya.

Abba Father, don’t forget easily the same treatment meted out to us in South Africa.

Ancient of Days, I beseech Thee, come to our rescue.

Give us the wisdom to at least reduce poverty since its eradication is an illusion.

More importantly, send us an Earthly Messiah who will pull out Nigeria from the woods.

Great in Battle, Glorify Thy Name.


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