I have just read Onyebuchi Ememanka’s deconstruction of one of Senator Orji Uzo’s Kalu’s infantile gaffes. Onyebuchi Ememanka is a wicked man. Yes, very destructively wicked with his pen. Just the same way it is a terrible misfortune to fall victim of the wrath of Jehovah God, it is politically and socially debilitating to come under Chief Ememanka’s superior literary and figurative fire power. He does not suffer fools gladly. He takes no prisoners. For him, it is total annihilation. Whenever he fires, and he hardly does, he fires in all eight cylinders.

About the massive road constructions going on in Aba, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu lied. He does always. He does so with a straight face and so unashamedly. I am tempted to write him off as a pathological liar but I would not for he is a “distinguished” Senator but suffice it to say that any leader who is morally hollow to the point of engaging in pedestrian lies is not only a ticking time bomb waiting to explode but one that must be detonated by whatever legitimate and survivalist means.

Sometimes, the devil does say the truth. Senator Kalu did say one fundamental truth in his recent political misadventure in Aba. He acknowledged the self-evident truth which is that there is massive road constructions going in every nook and cranny of Aba. Though he might have contacted both blurred vision and selective amnesia while in Kuje Prisons but he noticed that Aba, that giant of an enterprising people whom he crippled for eight long years, has left the backwaters of underdevelopment where deliberately quarantined her. What he couldn’t bring his mind to acknowledge publicly is that it is Ikpeazu that is doing what him, a self-confessed Napoleon, could not do in eight years.

Put succinctly and unambiguously, all the roads in Aba are being done by Gov. Ikpeazu with Abia money. With the exception of Enugu – Port Harcourt Expressway, every other single road here was done or is being done by Abia State Government. Even the Obohia/Ohanku/Ngwa Road/Port Harcourt Road that is African Bank Assisted was attracted by Abia State Government with the state government paying her own counterpart fund. Orji Uzor Kalu or whoever that says anything in the contrary is nothing but a cheap liar from the pit of hell.

Though I have deliberately maintained studied silence over the Aba HoR election but permit me to say that any candidate – in this case Mascot Kalu of APC – whose candidature relies on cheap lies and half truth is not worthy of the trust and votes of Ndi Aba. Aba should not vote a lying party and candidate.

Aba people, “you follow me?”.

  • Ord. Ezemuo Ubani Dannie
    (Gbachia Gbachia 1 of Ngwa Land)

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