I am not from Aba, but…


By Ubani Dannie

I am not from Aba but I am an Ngwa man and have lived in Aba Ngwa for almost 20 years now. From a socio-cultural and legal perspective I am not less Aba than anyone you can think of. Concerning HoR re-election for Aba, I wanted to retain eloquent silence but many fans, readers and critics of mine have, through various channels, insisted that I say something.

And something I must say very soon but suffice it to say that the level of the present precarious existence of the Igbo man in the Nigerian experiment we must have to present our first eleven in the Nigerian marketplace. Membership of the legislatur, especially at the national level could be compared to “akumu”. Akumu is not an energy meal for a palm cutter. Eloquence in silence and roadside abracadabra aren’t the much needed requisite qualities for the membership of the national assembly unless if we have consciously elected to keep making motion without movement.

In it all, even with all these diversionary hullabaloo, all I have seen are “their” selfish egoistic interest as enmeshed and encapsulated in their candidates. I am yet to see my candidate, your candidate and our candidate – that is a true Aba boy who is mentally well loaded and fortified to reel out the Aba ordeal at the centre stage, and tell the ever-dwindling Aba story with that infectious emotion, unbridled candour and moving eloquence to attract the needed sympathy and make the right impact.

In short, the right narrative hasn’t been made and the right yardstick of assessment is yet to be activated. It is still their narrative, their story but until the hunter – that is the people – start telling his own story the story of the hunt would continue to glorify the cowardly indolent woman who stayed at home for the fear of blood while the war raged on.

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