Life returns here


By Ubani Dannie

This Ahiaba Umueze – Teaching Hospital Rd, Aba. Until now, it was one of the most horrible roads under the sun. The unmotorable status of this road predated Ikpeazu’s government but fixing this road is one of the reasons why Ikpeazu was elected a governor.

I was on this road this evening. I cannot but commend Dr. Ikpeazu for the quality and scope of work he is doing on this road. The drainage. The thickness of the cement technology that is being used on the road. The solidity of the job. The smoothness and scope and speed of the work. All these are superb and worthy of commendation.

This is partly what the governor promised us that made us to work for him and to elect him. This is what he is supposed to do.

Talk is cheap but as of truth, leadership is not a tea party affair. While we shouldn’t let down our guards in engaging the government for greater and better dividends, we should always strive to commend the government whenever the right thing is being done. After all, appreciation is an application for more.

Thank you, Mr. Governor for doing what you are supposed to do but like Oliver Twist Abians still ask for more.

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