Never shift your gaze from the ball


Never shift your gaze from the ball

By Chinenye Nwaogu

“The ability of a person is not how he has planned, but how he stands and faces the challenges of life when everything he has planned doesn’t work”.

What tasks your ability is the energy and strength you exert when faced with life’s challenges. It is when challenges come your way, you prove how strong and able you really are.

Do not fret when challenges appear, they are the opportunities that build your inner strengths. They help you gain needed experiences that will be very useful on the journey of life. Challenges are meant to be overcome, that is how you gain experience.

Your success in life will largely depend on how much you are able to face challenges and overcome them. It has been said that the easiest path to success is to identify problems and create solutions, it then means that in challenges lies some streaks to success.

Some challenges falsely appear as though to break you completely, but all you need is to build up enough faith and confidence to plan and march on with determination. Most times nothing is as it appears. As opportunities present themselves in form of challenges, you will develop the abilities required for success.

Most times success comes when you engage a process and dismantle what looks like a challenge and create a solution, especially where others have failed. That is why one of the best ways to live is not to look at challenges and begin to complain, rather once anyone is in sight, you engage in the process of overcoming it.

Your ability to deal with challenges gives you a greater advantage in life. The way to test knowledge and strength properly is when you face challenges. If your knowledge, skills, and strength have not been tested on the battlefield of challenges you can not really say you know anything.

Knowledge applied and used to resolve challenges is better. The deployment of skill to surmount any obstacle is what makes one skill superior to another. Even though all skills are important but certainly some resolve more life’s challenges than others. You can never really claim that you are strong just by merely expressing strength, it has to be proven under some circumstances which are best when faced with challenges.

The ability to remain strong and face life when all you have planned out fails places you in a class above the rest. Sometimes, life turns out not the way you have planned it. Sometimes things happen not the way you have wished it. Do you give up? No, you have to fight on, that is when your abilities will be tasked. It if often said that necessity is the mother of inventions.

Normally, it is when things become difficult, that the strong stand out. It is during the time of difficulty that you task your brain to find the solution to the issues facing you. Sometimes, it is during the periods of challenges that your true character shows. Your ability to manage situations and remain true to your creeds defines you properly.

The wise parent or guardian spends time to prepare the ward for the road, not necessarily the road for the ward. Life is very dynamic, a prepared mind and hand are likely to overcome. That is why building yourself and your capacity to engage in life is very important. Invest in yourself properly, train your hands, invest in your mind to become ready to face whatever life brings.

Everything will not turn out as planned. Even people may sometimes disappoint you, yet you have to march on with faith, confidence, and vigor.

Develop abilities you can safely trust especially during difficult situations. You may never know how strong you are until you face challenges, they are the things that build up your survival muscles. As you go on in life those strengths become handy.


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