No one has power to quench a determined fire burning in another




No one has the power to quench a determined fire burning in another

By Chinenye Nwaogu

“Let them judge you, let them misunderstand you.

Let them gossip about you.

Their opinion isn’t your problem.

You stay kind, committed to love, and free in your authenticity.

No matter what they do or say don’t you dare doubt your worth or the beauty of your truth.

Just keep shining as you do, they may try but no one has the power to quench a determined fire burning in another.”

One of the most disastrous things happening to many people is to pander to the opinion of naysayers and negative people. Never lower your self-worth just to fit in or please someone unreasonable. No matter how hard you try, there are people you will never please.

Some will deliberately misunderstand you, no matter how pure and clear your motives are they will pick holes. No one is perfect, they are not too. There are just many judgemental people all around, there are few people willing to support and cheer you to success.

In your journey upward, many will prefer you like a pity case than a success story. Do not let people’s unkind attitude change you from being you. Stay kind even if they do not appreciate it. Not everyone you extend kindness to will return with the same measure or even appreciation. Some may even feel entitled to it. If you keep tabs on all those you will become bitter and unhappy. Remember people’s opinions may no matter at the end of the day. Many people live seeking validation which when it doesn’t come to destroy their self-confidence.

Live an authentic life, even if people misunderstand you it does not matter. Do not worry to explain yourself too much to others. In fact, if you ever find yourself in an environment where you need to explain every detail of your actions, that is not the right environment or circle for you. Change! What will prevail at the end is the truth. Understand that most times people judge from their level of knowledge or ignorance, be careful so that those you know better than do not make you act ignorantly too. Many people may envy your accomplishments, even some close pals and relations may sometimes become an albatross to your efforts.

Be careful who you share your dreams with. If you do with little-minded fellows who want to be the only cook to crow, you are in trouble. They will have all the reasons why your dreams will not materialize.

How unreasonable and overtly ambitious you are. They will scold you to submission. Remember what David’s brothers did to him on the battlefield before he brought Goliath down. If you share with envious or competitive people, they will fight hard to thwart your dreams. People tend to judge more than they understand. Do not allow your expectations of people to destroy your capacity to believe in yourself.

One of the most important attributes to acquire and keep in your life is self-confidence. Sometimes you may be the only one who believes in your dreams or understand them. That person will gossip about you is a given, do not let that worry you. People only throw stones at ripe fruits. Once you start shining, you have automatically become a candidate for gossips. Not many people feel comfortable seeing others grow.

Maybe you may have noticed that some people like you around them as long as you are a pity case. They may just be happy to listen to only problems or challenges you are facing. They then take the high seat of advisers without providing any sustainable solution. They use you to validate their ego. Some people are only experts in pointing out the errors of others especially those in the arena. Do not pay attention to such fellows.

You may not achieve your dreams if all you do is to seek validation from people. You may be shocked or disappointed with the reactions of others. Learn to believe in yourself and your ability to accomplish your goals. Do not fret about others’ efforts to quench the fire in you or dim your light of success, they may try but in the end, if you are determined and committed to your goals they will be tired and you will win.

When you are sure of where you are heading to do not listen to armchair critics who have no history of achievement. Those who have achieved nothing, are always quick to point to the errors of those making efforts to achieve something. Be careful who you listen to. What you hear affects you a lot. Listen to advice, but sieve it first.


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