Your life will get better if…


Your life will get better if…

By Chinenye Nwaogu

“Your life isn’t going to get better with the same mindset that created the problems.”

One of the greatest challenges human beings face is the ability to change course. In fact, a wise religious leader opined that the greatest miracle is not raising the dead or healing the very sick, rather the miracle of repentance. Changing from one course of action to another remains a major challenge you have to overcome to reach your destination.

Life is dynamic, people make mistakes, no one is perfect you need to be adaptable to change, you need to live with an open mind to accept new and better information to guide you on how to constantly improve your life for the better. It is nice to acquire some knowledge but do not be so fixed in your understanding that you ignore superior logic and information.

As you journey in life, gaining needed experiences you will come across those who either by experience or education have better or superior knowledge. If you make learning a lifelong endeavour you will certainly go far. Almost everyone you know as world-acclaimed inventors has tried severally but failed until they got it right. But one thing in common with them is that once they identify what does not work they won’t repeat that pattern in trying to find the solution to their inquiry. Someone said, because he tried a thousand times before getting it right, he knew a thousand ways that do not work.

Whatever destination you have reached in life was 80% as a result of your mindset and the choices you have made, if ever you want to change or alter the results, you cannot achieve that by doing the same things or with the same mindset. It’s only a fool that does the same things all the time and expects a different result.

You need to work to constantly improve your mindset. Everything starts in the mind. The mind is where everything, action is conceived you must constantly renew your mind to be attuned to better information that is the only way to remain ahead. It is said you cannot expect to achieve positive results with a negative mindset.

If you are observant you notice that people around you who always have negative mindsets will always see negative things. Where others see the sunshine, they are bound to see darkness, where others see the success they see something else. Once a mind is tuned towards negativity it is difficult for such to see positives. Train your mind to remain upbeat and positive. That is the only way you will see solutions all the time. A negative mindset sees problems in all circumstances while a positive mindset sees solutions in all circumstances.

The major place to work on first in your journey towards success is the arena of your mind. Note, worries and negative thoughts are like birds, you cannot stop them from flying over your head, but you can definitely stop them from building a nest on your head.

When negative emotions or ideas flow through your mind endeavour to immediately sweep them off. If you allow it to fester, it may affect you too. Keep your mind free from negative emotions, it helps your aura which helps you attract energy either positive or negative. So it is said negative aura attracts negative energy and a positive aura attracts positive energy. All these play out in the mind.

Certainly, it is difficult to maintain a positive posture in a completely challenged and negative environment. That is why almost every wise person will encourage you to constantly review your circle of association to be sure you are in the right circle or environment. Only a tree stands looking while the hewer approaches with the axe to cut it down.

Fertilize your mind with positive thoughts, ideas, and information it will help you arrive successfully and positively. Once you have hit the wrong path, you certainly need a change of mindset to redirect your course to arrive at a better destination.

Do not be afraid, ashamed to change your course. Live your life in such a way you can easily amend when you hit a piece of better information or knowledge. However, always listen but sieve every information you come across.

You cannot solve a problem with the same mindset that created the problem!



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