Can we think?


My dear bigots of Northern Nigeria, the cry against herder atrocities is not a demand or drive to evict Northerners from other parts of Nigeria.
Far from it.

  1. We are talking of those who occupy bushes and forests, waylay women, young and old and rape them.
  2. We are taking of those who storm well cultured farms and cause their cows to eat up the crops.
  3. We are concerned about those who brutally cut to pieces the body and flesh of farmers if they ever attempted to resist destruction of their farms or found near the scene.
  4. Northerners living in cities, towns and villages are not harassed.
  5. None even appears to understand what is happening because they live ordered, lawful lives.
  6. In one of the cases of confronting these deadly, wicked herders, the ESN men said the Noble words: “come and and live with others in the towns where everybody knows his neighbour…”
  7. It is a disgrace that some Northerners who lay claim to super patriotism and nationalism will support foreigners who masquerade as herders to commit atrocities.
  8. It is embarrassing to see a section of Nigeria not accepting that a crime is a crime and should not be condoned for any reason.
  9. It is most embarrassing that while Nigeria is in a state of war, some elements of the North will try to protect or argue in favour of a people who were already declared insurgents from Lybia, etc, by the government.
  10. Northerners are prayed to appreciate the dangers caused by these men whose sponsors have motives beyond nation building.

However, if you chose to be fixated on thought, truth be told: as herding is a business for sustenance of lives and environment, so is farming. None should be a reason to extinguish the other.

Thank you.

Ọzọ Igbonekwu Ogazimorah writes

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