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I have a QUIZ for those who claim to follow the PLANNING and DELIVERY of Infrastructural development in Nigeria, especially Roads.
1) When was the initial proposal for the Loko-Oweto Bridge linking Kogi State and Nassarawa State on a highway heading to Lafia and onto Abuja presented.
2) What was the deduced traffic count based on the existing but slightly(?) more inconvenient alternative connections across the River Benue, upstream and downstream?
3) How does the traffic count compare with what obtainED on the 1st Niger Bridge twenty years ago ie 2001?
4) How much horse trading, no matter how defined, did the peoples and governments of Kogi, Benue and Nassarawa states engage in so as to bring the attention of the Federal Government to recognise and attend to that need?
Was the bridge works unsolicited? We need to know.

As it is, everybody who was/is anybody has had to be involved in going on bended knees over the 2ND NIGER BRIDGE at Asaba/Onitsha over the past four decades.
Is that fair?

5) Starting from the Approval in Principle, how much time elapsed before the Loko-Oweto Bridge over the Benue was finalised, designed, Invitation For Bids issued, Analysis, Award and Execution?

I ask these simple questions just for comparison. I hate to see people dancing over a bridge that is 30years overdue.
Ungrateful? Yes I am.
This damned country is supposed to belong to all of us. This country is so so damned lucky. If we had real enemies the few roads and bridges we have would be taken out in under a week dividing our disparate union into a number of disconnected Republics. The concept of Multiple Redundancy is so lost on the winners of the Civil War. . Could Nigeria ever survive a disaster similar to the terrible incident at the Port of Beirut in Lebanon?
Not when alternative Midwestern and Eastern Ports are essentially in mothballs? Kingsley Moghalu what do you think?

All those people that Nigeria sends to the Nigerian War College, what exactly do they learn there? How to cuddle and romance the government of the day? It’s about time they refunded their expensive school fees. They have serially failed us.

Anyone who imagines that the Second Niger Bridge is a favour to Ndigbo doesn’t know anything. What does one say about the people in Ogoja and Calabar in Cross River State?
How does the Nigerian Army of occupation in these parts get cheaply resupplied?
By sea? And/or air?
This country is run by nuts.


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