Nnamdi Kanu is not our problem



The Igbo leaders rhetorical use of Nnamdi Kanu as a talking point does not only sound like a broken record, but has become irritating and embarrassing to the Igbo nation.

It’s high time we begin to change the narrative of crying over marginalization. In fact the typical Igbo man in Alaba market can never be marginalized or cheated, rather he will pocket you with everything you came with.

So, it is the unscrupulous politicians that have traded their birth rights and failed their people, that cannot find face to fight meaningful Igbo cause except using Nnamdi Kanu as a bargaining factor.

But then, the beleaguered IPOB leader is endearing to most Igbos than any red cap wearing governor or politician in Abuja.

Remarkably, the people know their real leaders, that is protecting them from marauding herdsmen assailants.

And they know it is none of their governors, that would begin to shed crocodile tears and the next day in Abuja to meet Buhari.

Oliver, a professional disc jockey wrote from Ajah, Lagos.

Igbo Governors

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