One Nigeria?


By Charles Ogbu

The unsustainability of the Big Lie that is #OneNigeria has been proven beyond every reasonable doubt, such that no one can argue otherwise without the risk of subjecting his intelligence to bottomless ridicule.

At this point, even Restructuring is beginning to seem like a poisoned chalice because even the best form of restructuring, while giving each region or state the needed autonomy to develop at their own pace, independent constitution suited for their peculiarities, freedom to be in charge of their own security and resources etc, will still yoke us together under a common Armed Forces, foreign affairs etc.

And with a people who care more about domination than development, sharing a common Armed Forces could be quite problematic.

Quite frankly, any arrangement that does not include making sure that these guys live and enjoy their antiquated primitivism COMPLETELY FAR REMOVED FROM THE REST OF US, amounts to simply delaying the doom’s day.

Both the educated and the uneducated, all think alike. No difference. Even their professors, all na the same medieval thought process. For them, it doesn’t matter the political party. What matters is their agenda. That political hoodlum who doubles as the governor of Bauchi state, Bala Mohamed, is he not educated? Is he not in the PDP, the so called opposition party? Yet, after advocating for Nigeria to give land to all Fulanis from across Africa, he’s openly supporting the same foreign herdsmen carrying AK47 assault rifle around in a country where carrying of weapon by unauthorized persons is proscribed. What of Prof Yusuf Usman, the former NHIS Executive Secretary who accompanied Sheikh Gumi to the forests of Zamfara where they met with “over 600 armed Fulani” terrorists? Is he not a professor? This is about mindset

A mindset that has no regard for rule of law, a mindset that supports mass murder and ethnic cleansing. A mindset to which the ‘right’ of cows to feed on people’s farms trumps the right to life of the farm owner.

And as they say, the mind is the standard of the man.

No one can live together with these people and know peace. Not even under a Confederal arrangement. If there was any doubt before now, those photos of Sheik Gumi sitting comfortably in the midst of the bandits like a young man sitting with his girlfriend on a valentine outing has removed such doubt. That the respected well educated Sheik had the idiotic audacity to draw any form of comparison between a group asking for a referendum (which is a Yes or No vote) to determine if we still want to live together and a bunch of conscienceless killers butchering people FOR NO JUST CAUSE even after collecting ransom, should tell you all you need to know about the thought process of these guys and the fact that no amount of education can change that mindset.

Mehn, this country has too many demons. The Buhari Presidency is but a little fraction of them.

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