Time To Say A Capital No To A Roguish Family


Time To Say A Capital No To A Roguish Family:

By Sir Don Ubani; KSC, JP
Okwubunka of Asa.
24th March, 2021.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the bye-election in Aba-North & Aba-South Federal Constituency scheduled for Saturday 27th March, 2021 is just at the corner. The strategic importance of the election needs not be over-emphasized.

The good people of Abia State had in 2010 collectively resolved never again to allow a character as fraudulent as the former Governor and family determine their affairs.

Unfortunately, by hook and crook, he was able to manipulate his way in Abia-North.

Fueled by that impunity, he feels emboldened that he could impose another of his brother, whom he has already ear-marked for governorship in 2003, to become member representing Aba-North & Aba-South Federal Constituency via the scheduled bye-election next Saturday.

The electorate in Aba should not forget that a vote for the younger brother of is another opportunity for his family to be reinforced to coerce Abia people again to the Ogwugwu Shrine that he had forced Abians to worship during his inglorious days.

Abians should not just forget that many had died after being forced to swear to oats of ritualistic allegiance to the his family between 1999 and 2007.

Have Abians forgotten too soon that the likes of Agbarakwe, Mrs Muoma, Sir Ben Etie, Douglas, Mr Nwangwu, Mrs Ukeje, Mandy and many others died in mysterious circumstances that could not be disassociated from oats forced on them by that notorious family?

This is Our Chance to prove and resolve to do completely away from anything that has to do with that family which, apart from looting Abia State hopelessly dry, also imposed idol worship on Abians.

Let us rise in unison and say a Capital No to this roguish evil family that takes pride in being a prisoner released only on technical grounds.

Okwubunka of Asa.

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