Abaribe is dreaded


By Ubani Dannie

Abaribe, that dreaded dog of Abia politics that warms his body with his head to the fire, has stirred the honet nest by venturing into the much dreaded landmine of Abia State and Nigerian politics.

He has broken the legendary nsugbe nut. He has stripped the holier-than-thou reverend father off his immaculate cassocks. Now, everyone of us can see that the reverend father adorns a knicker under the immaculate cassocks pretentions.

While pause and ponder over the failings of the Nigerian experiment, the many wasted opportunities of the Abia debacle calls for a painstaking reading and objective assimilation of the content of this all-important book with a view of understanding of how and where we got it this bad in the leadership and governance of our dear Abia State.

Okeh Katchmoney Katchy and Ugochukwu Nwankwo triggered my curiosity to read this book. As I embark on the rigorous journey of xraying how and where Abia got it wrong through the navigational compass that is this book, I implore other Abians especially, Abians of my generation and those coming directly behind us to join me in this voyage.

Now, let the debate and exposition and I objective analysis begin. We, Nde Abia whose joy and future have been traded off to and by this terrible monster, deserve to know and we must know.

Join me in this voyage of discovery. In this voyage every assertion and submission shall be subjected to a crucible test of objectivity. Every claim shall be screened on filter of truth.

Now, let the discussions and debate begin.

Abia shall be great again.

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