Can we do things differently?


Can we do things differently?

By Jaja Martins

Where are we heading to? There is general sense of insecurity, strife and hunger in the land. The masses are now pulled almost beyond their elastic limit. There are sounds and drums of war at every conceivable nook and cranny.

Conscience and decency have been drowned in the waters of greed and self-aggrandizement. Our values are shaken to it’s very foundation. The pains of others no longer matter to us. Self, self and self trails our very fabrics of public life. The leaders are confused much as the led are clueless over failures of our vital institutions.

Families can no longer hold back their members due to lack of capacity to do so. The level of poverty of average family units is excruciatingly disturbing. The will to imbue fine moral values can no longer be mustered. The other families with booty of our common wealth and resources leave the rest of the society with children of insolence, birthed with insensitivity and arrogance, normless and hollow of principle. How do we expect things to change when these good-for-nothing empty brains grow to become managers and handlers of public affairs?

The church which prime purpose should be the inculcation of moral and righteous life style has been turned to lucrative business empires. ‘Praise the Lord’ is responded to in accordance with your financial haulage. The higher you give the louder the response. The present day church relegates the poor to the back bench. The substance of pure Christianity is weeping in the wilderness of greed. Attend your church for one month without showing your financial capacity, you will understand your place ‘in the presence of God’. We need to come back to our natural God-given senses. The rot is everywhere, the church is no exception. The cry is loud. We need to be very careful not to impoverish ourselves the more, even in the midst of abject poverty.

The simple truth must be told. The only human institution, the State, charged with mediating and moderating human excesses, has not only failed but, enmeshed itself in flighty contradiction of its raison d’etre for primitive acquisitive madness of state actors. They do not care if you are dying. They have closed their eyes to the sufferings of the people. Social amenities are only accessible within the precincts of their homes. Touts and toutish activities are on the trail and these touts keep replicating themselves.
Is that the way to go?

These flibbertigibbets are most irresponsible of human kind. These flippant wolves of our common patrimony have no life outside flimflam. From local, state to federal government, there are tales of woes, anguish, unprecedented death rate and a height of despondency. The hostility of our governments at all levels has taken an impusive toll on the masses, leaving them with no option than to fight back.

If our large-thighed rulers do not retrace their steps and see their positions of authority as an avenue to provide the people with common and simplest means of livelihood, basic and accessible amenities, the people will declare them enemies in warfare and sooner than later rise in massive revolt. It will be calamitous to wait for such an inglorious day.

The position of the people is very clear in its form. Do the work of he who has sent you. Secure our life, give us health care, build roads for us, give us electricity, make life more meaningful to the youth and the aged. Show us responsibility and purposeful leadership. These legitimate demands are within and not out of place.

For crying out loud, those are the simplest provisions any sensitive leader can make. Fulfil these promises made during electioneering campaigns. The people have not and cannot forget these promises. The era of deception has gone. 2023 is almost around the conner. The masses are now equipped to prove a point. Surely, one good turn will, indeed, deserve another.

In our next engagements, we shall begin to expose some of the rots in Aba and Abia state government, our immediate environment.

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