Yesterday witnessed a first of its kind as the good people of Ututu Akasi ancient kingdom in Arochukwu LGA made a case to pay back the governor of Abia State and the PDP for appointing their sons and daughters into key positions in the state
Ututu community in Aba boost of About 4000 voting strength in Aba South and North due to her population in the city of Aba. The industrious people of Ututu remains the only community that celebrates her biggest cultural day in Aba which is called IZU UTUTU, which happens to be a war dance yearly. The people of Ututu in Aba have a track record of not constituting nuisance to the immediate community due to their hardworking nature as they are regarded as the pillar of commerce in Aba. Ututu language is frequently spoken in Aba because of the population of the people. There are scattered everywhere but are yet to come together politically as a political block to decide election outcome even with the voting population of the people. But yesterday witnessed another milestone to the growth of the community in Aba as they unanimously announced their support to OVI and Ebisike which is prompted by the goodwill of the governor to appoint their sons and daughters to key positions in his administration. Recall that the governor appointed Dr Phillips Nto as Provost of Abia State College of Education Technical, Arochukwu. The governor nominated Hon Cletus Nwankwo for deputy chairman, and subsequently he won that seat, Appointed Chief Mrs Patricia Nwankwo as Arochukwu LGA Education Secretary, Chief Justice Nnana (ASUBEB board member), Mr Onoh John Okeke (board member of Abia Warriors FC umuahia), Chief Obinna Nwankwo as his special adviser on grassroot mobilization, have 5 special assistants in Ututu and host of other appointments.

Speaking through their leader, Elder Johnson Nleanya Okwara. They said that they are impressed with the level of work in Aba and the mass employment of the governor to the good people of Ututu and that formed the basis for adopting Ebisike because they believe that if he wins, he will continue from where the governor will stop come 2023 to include her people in the scheme of things within the Aba metropolitan city and Abia state as a whole. Elder Okeke Okoronkwo Simeon shade light on the Ngwa road project and lauded the governor for attracting a whooping 27 billion World Bank loan to build the road and congratulated the contractors handling the job while in the same view, another contributor PST Okoro Okereke prayed for the governor and wished him good health, now and after the expirations of his tenure as governor.
The statement was clear as the chairman of the Aba-Ututu voters mobilizer Mr Onoh Ikechukwu summarized the event by declaring total support to Ebisike come 27th March when he unveiled the banner and caps in solidarity to Ebisike, and it’s worth of note that the cap and banner was sponsored by Hon Apostle Sam Charles.

In her response, Hon Princess Peace Nwobilo. The deputy chairwoman of Aba South LGA thanked the good people of Ututu for choosing Aba South as venue for the meeting and expressed her delight to working with them which is the mind of the Chairman too and asked them to enthrone Ebisike and be convinced of reaping its rewards in the shortest possible time and say no to RUGA in Abia State which the APC through OUK is championing.

In the same vein, Hon Cletus Nwankwo, deputy chairman of Arochukwu LGA expressed gratitude to the Ututu community for coming up with this bold statement and asked them not to relent but play major role to decide what happens in Aba as a community with teeming population capable of deciding the outcome of elections and encouraged them to desist from being PDP by day and APC at night but stay firm in PDP because Abia State is PDP and to gain from the government, all needs to queue behind Okezie Victor Ikpeazu PhD and achieve the kinetic Abia of our dream

Reacting to the news of adoption of Chimobi Ebisike by the Ututu community in Aba. The representative of the governor of Abia State DR Phillips Nto who was accompanied by Hon Cletus Nwankwo (deputy chairman of Arochukwu LGA), Chief Mrs Patricia Nwankwo (LGA education secretary), Hon Chief Emmanuel Chie Nwankwo, Hon Apostle Sam Charles(councilor Ututu ward A), Hon Uche Obasi (councilor Ututu ward C) and other political heavyweights from the area thanked the people for their thoughtfulness and asked them to take the campaign to their neighbors and not just the Ututu community as it’s for fairness and equity that Ebisike Emerged and since then, they haven’t been any rancor in the party in regard to the winner of the PDP conducted primary election and that shows that Ebisike is a sellable candidate and will fly come 27th March Aba North and South by election.
Nto reiterated that the election will be free, fair and peaceful as the governor will be in charge of security and that voters should go about casting their ballots according to their conscience as they RUGA champions can intimidate them to voting for them as widely speculated that they have Army and other forces to force their win on ndi Aba against the win of Ndi Aba and assured Ututu people that their votes will count. He thanked them and pray they get home safely.

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