Happiness is key to a successful life crave it


Happiness is key to a successful life crave it

By Chinenye Nwaogu

“Two things will prevent you from happiness, living in the past and observing others.”

Everyone craves happiness.

Everyone craves success.

Everyone craves fulfillment.

Though not all achieve it.

To be happy there are principles you have to follow.

One of the things that drain happiness is when you focus on the past, especially experiences that are not too good.

Past errors and mistakes can ruin a beautiful life if you refuse to forget them and forge ahead. Like we know forgiving yourself of past mistakes is a very hard thing to do but it is also very important and key to happiness. The ability to bounce back after a not too good a past is one of the strongest abilities to acquire. Keep the past behind and forge ahead with optimism.

The present is a time to prepare and lay foundations for the future, the present offers you opportunities to correct the errors of the past. That is why the present is very important. Once you keep casting your mind back to some negative past experiences, you will always destroy your ability to be happy. Keep the past where it belongs, behind, and move on.

Observing other harms you greatly. In life, everyone is unique and has a different mission. This is one principle you need to understand and let it sink deep in your mind. You are the only original version of you ever. Two persons may share similarities in conduct or attitude, but certainly, they are different.

You can learn one or two from others but certainly you cannot be happy imitating anyone. Focusing on your life is a very important habit to live by. Focusing on others when you have your own life to live will certainly drain your happiness.

Focus is important in life. It gives you perspectives. Focus offers you clarity and deeper understanding. It is important to focus effectively on one thing at a time. When you spend that time focusing or observing others, clearly your life will be a misery.

Let people live their lives and you live yours. It is important to understand that you cannot change anyone. You can try but until a person decides to change your best is to try.

Observing or focusing on others makes you live a competitive life and it’s always one of the keys to unhappiness. Because each life is unique and with a different mission you cannot be happy and fulfilled when you leave your life and focus on another. It will certainly lead to dissatisfaction.

Observing others will lead you to live a very judgemental life, another highway to unhappiness.

Man is by nature imperfect, you will always observe errors, hence sad most of the times when you focus too much on others. If you must observe if you must focus pay attention to self-improvement. Observing your own errors and making efforts to change and improve yourself will increase your chances to be happy.

The power of your happiness is in your hands. Do not outsource it to someone else. Learn to forgive your past and focus on the present. Spend more of your energy focusing on making your life better and leave others.

Have you noticed that the most critical you become of others the unhappier you become? Too much negative observation of others cannot produce positive energy. In trying to observe others, you will always notice errors no matter how minor, which will lead to unhappiness. Use that energy to work on yourself the changes you observe will keep you happy. Constant self-improvement increases your positive energy.

Happiness is key to a successful life crave it!


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