If you feel your husband cheats on you, put condoms in his bag –Pete Edochie


In a viral video making rounds on social media, veteran Nigerian actor, Pete Edochie, is seen advising married women on how to handle their cheating partner.

In the video which the Nollywood legend shared on his verified Instagram page, he advised Nigerian women against getting divorced. He further tipped them on how to curb their husband’s infidelity.

To drive home his point, the thespian cited the Biblical King Solomon who had many wives and concubines.

The thing is that you women are not creative, you want to be like white women who keep marrying and divorcing and marrying. It does not suit us, it does not go down well with us. No.”

The septuagenarian who celebrated his birthday about two weeks ago has been married for over 50 years. In the video, the actor noted that men of today are ‘weak.’

“I am not chauvinist, I am not misogynist, and I am not sexist. If you drop your father’s name to answer the name of your husband, you are bound to be submissive to him.

How can a woman go out of the house in the morning, come back in the night, reeking of alcohol and the husband wants to know why she is late in coming home. And what does she say, ‘if you know what is good for you, just get out of my way let me go and sleep.’

“Well, they can afford to say that today because the men of today are very weak. If you said it in our own time you would never be in one piece again. I mean every word of what I am saying.

We got married when men where men and women did not insult us that way. The way women insult men nowadays, I begin to imagine; it is not our character, what is going on. Our women used to be beautiful things we love.

We loved to hold and cuddle. What is really going on?” he said.

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