The fuss around town


The fuss around the town

Jaja Martins

All keen observers have had irregular heartbeats over the level of deceits bandied on the people of Aba during this period of election scheduled to fill the void created by the demise of Hon. Ossy Prestige who, until his death, was the member representing the good people of Aba North and South Federal Constituency at the National Assembly, Abuja.

The campaign for who walks into the shoes of the departed law maker has seen party members of all shades relocate to the metropolitan city of Aba. The fierceness of the struggle goes to tell you that the life of these agents of hardship are tied to the perptuation of their mercantile industry and merciless loot of our treasury.

This so-called political leaders who have kept Abia State in a sorry state since 1999 have no iota of shame campaigning for votes on the breath-choking stinking terrain of Old Express road in Aba. What moral standing or where does their sense of humanity rest when soliciting for support and vote from inland residents of Obohia, Ohanku and Port Harcourt roads, knowing fully well that if it rains on the morning of the election day, these innocent people whose only crime was their decision to settle in Aba, would not have access to the election ground?

Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, Senator representing the people of Abia North Senatorial District at the National Assembly, a two-term former Governor of Abia State, and his team of marauding hawks from Abuja have been campaigning with every falsehood their life can offer on the underdeveloped surface of Aba for the past two weeks, for the candidature of his youngest brother. If his brother succeeds, his mother would have two sons of hers in the two arms of the National Assembly. Selfish adventure!

Silly enough, this election is in another Senatorial District – Abia South. In one of my recent posts, I mentioned that for this particular constituency in Abia State – Aba North/South Federal Constituency- no indigenous son or daughter of the land has ever occupied that legislative seat for over twenty one years of its existence. You can imagine the audacity!

For this same seat, his immediate younger brother, Hon. Nnanna Uzo Kalu was there for eight (8) solid years. Whether he left any relics of his reign would be discussed on the judgement day. They want to do everything using their financial war chest and puported federal might to coerce Mascot Uzo Kalu, who also was one time Chief of Staff to Abia State Government, on Aba people. Well, the masses will decide.

Few days ago, I watched and listened to the Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, soliciting for support and vote from traders of Nkwoha market for certain Chimaobi Ebisike. Before then, I had done a little inspection of the market vicinity. The ignominious status of that market is better imagined than said. These are human beings for Christ’s sake. They deserve a more decent life and environment.

I understood their helplessness. They don’t know that they could do more. When the Chairman of the market was called to deliver his speech, the first thing he did was to kneel on the harzadous surface of the road, in a manner most demeaning of a human creature, begging the Governor to remember them.

Must we continue to beg for our rights? See, let me say it loud and clear. We cannot continue to fertilize farms of hoodlums and thieves of people’s well-being who do not remember our existence beyond ballot papers. We must learn to reject those who come to cajole the masses, secure their vote and run away, only to return when they need to renew their mandate. If we don’t place a strong caveat on these absolute emperors they will continue to take us for a ride.

This is the time to choose credibility against wealth and inaptitude. The choice of Aba people must be anchored and viewed on the prism of experience and antecedents. Whether it is PDP, APC, APGA or AA, the choice candidate must be a person with history of credibility, accessibility and emperical evidence of honest achievement for the people.

Beginning from the the March 27th bye election in Aba North and South Federal Constituency, we must stamp our feet and show that we cannot be fooled forever. We are not angling for any candidate here. But one thing is certain; Aba people must elect their leader tomorrow. The people’s choice and no one person’s choice must be respected.

Abia people must rise to revivify our dear state to measure up with other states of the federation.

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