The second time I got drunk was at a cousin’s wedding


The second time I got drunk was at a cousin’s wedding

Marapeace Austine

I travelled from Lagos to Delta. Then, down to Abia for her wedding.

I risked it because she was worth it.

I arrived the evening before the wedding.

Looking so simply Beautiful.

All my cousins were waiting for me.

One; because I’m always the life of the party in the family.

And two; because I cook so well and fast too..

Plus, she trusted me with her things than her own siblings.

As soon as I arrived, they welcomed me with one of the trending favorite hip hop and I couldn’t resist as I came down from the car they picked me with.

Party began!

House filled with strange faces.

Cute dudes and pretty Asoebis..

My cousins and their parents all rushing out to give me the grand welcome hugs..

I’m a good stepper after all. Nothing to fear.

I kept giving it to them as I made my way to the sitting room.

This particular dude was busy looking at me. I know others were looking at me and smiling but his was just different.

I suspected he could be the friend cousin said she’d like him and I to get along.

She wanted to match make us.

Party started afterwards and we kept drinking.

I intentionally wanted to be stupid that night because I was so happy for my cousin.

Happy that she finally found love after several Heartbreaks. I know her story more than her siblings..

It was cream wine. My favorite kinda wine.

I liked the guy.

So handsome and could hold a good convo too.

But! I noticed this dude wanted to make sure I drink too much. He kept talking to me as I sat there laughing and acting like a fool.

I’d act like I wasn’t myself anymore.. like I was getting so tipsy.

Then I stood up to leave but staggered like I wasn’t myself. He helped me.

Dude had to help me into his room. Others were still at the party. It was just him and I.

Then, he came trying to make his way to my thighs.

Well, I stood up and told him I wasn’t drunk but wanted to know the real him.

Actually, I wasn’t even taking that drink but he didn’t notice because the place was a little dark.

He’d refill my glass and I’d gradually pour them away while laughing to his jokes like a dingbat.

I knew he was up to something.

He was shocked to his bone marrow when I told him to get lost.

I stood up, walked to my room and slept like a baby.

I didn’t tell my cousins.

The next day at the wedding, he dropped a note in my purse asking why I did what I did.

The answer was simple.

Cousin liked him for me…

But I needed to get to know him.

To be sure of the kinda man he was and he gave me the answer that I needed.

No gentleman takes advantage of a lady.

But instead of Accepting his wrongs and making up for it, Oga begin dey vex.

O wrong nau!


Especially, when he said, “So Babes, you’re not even tipsy?”


Kataway! Like, getdifuk!
Get out Sir before I ‘sama’ you now.

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