What you sow, is what you reap


“We are not given a good life or a bad life, we are given a life. It is up to us to make it good or bad.”

By Chinenye Nwaogu

Life is a good gift. It a gift you need to cherish greatly. It is a gift you need to nurture and make something out of it for good. Life is like a seed put in the hand of a farmer, he can decide to eat the seed, thereby ending the life of that seed. He can decide to plant it. In planting it he can decide on sandy soil, loamy, or any other kind of soil.

A farmer can also decide to throw the seed away. In all these the outputs you get in life are as a result of the inputs you make most of the time.

Everyone is handed the same life. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. It is incumbent on you to decide how and what you do with it.

As you progress in mortal existence, your life begins to move in direction of your choices. It is often said decision determines destination. Your life will be the accumulation of the choices you make daily. Sometimes those choices at the time you make them may not mean a thing but there is always a reward for every choice you make.

The matter with most people is that they constantly shirk the responsibilities and consequences that come with their choices. It is natural for human beings to point fingers at others for everything that goes wrong except themselves.

The greatest growth manure is taking responsibility for all your actions. Once you learn to take full responsibility, you will go far in life. Live your life like nobody is owing to you anything, even the one you have been good to or invested resources on.

Once you delete entitlement mentality and begin to approach life properly believing in your innate abilities to surmount the challenges life presents along your path, the stronger and more forward you can go.

You are stronger than you think. You can actually do more than you feel. Your inner strengths and abilities are more than you can imagine. You need to trust them and exert those innate energies to accomplish more.

The biological explanation of the reproductive process is indicative that whoever made it to planet earth is a seed that survived amongst millions of others. It means that even when you didn’t really matter you demonstrated strength.

The way your life ends will be the accumulation of all choices and decisions you have made. It is also interesting to note that the One who sent you here had planned a mission and purpose for you. But you discover that in doing. Many people would pay a king’s ransome to know how their life is purposed from the beginning to the end, man has an insatiable quest for such, no wonder many have fallen prey to those who pose as harbingers of such knowledge.

The making of any kind of life requires some effort from you. Knowingly or unknowingly you play a participatory role in the kind of life you end up with good or bad.

The choices you make in everything you do are very important. Every minute, you are faced with a choice situation which is really like adding blocks to the edifice that will become your life. The way the building will come out is dependent on the work done on it.

You need to understand this deeply.

Sometimes circumstances and environment can affect or slow down the efforts you make, but you can also overcome any challenges such situations pose to you. The big things good or bad that happen in your life begin small most times until they grow to unimaginable sizes.

Like it is often said, everything starts in the mind. The pattern you set in your mind will eventually reflect in your actions and choices and will become the life you have chosen. It is always better than life turns out good. I like to take time to listen to biographies or testimonies about the dead during funerals. Everyone craves an end that is good.

Every day presents you an opportunity to weave through a tapestry of a good life that will culminate into an end you desire.

Life has been described as an echo, it comes back the way you have said it. Live well, use the gift of living well. Your life is in your hands to make it what you desire. Especially for the young, you have a great opportunity and responsibility to take charge and determine how your life progresses. The youthful age is usually the time of excitement, however, it is also the time of preparation for the kind of life you desire.

You need to take time and apply effort in building a solid foundation especially, character for the kind of life you desire. When built on a solid foundation, a character is not easily altered at maturity. Feed your mind with positive and good thoughts, your life will eventually turn out good. Character is everything.

Life is, what you sow, is what you reap.


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