By Ubani Dannie

That Orji Kalu and his antics are being discussed as the main thrust of the narrative in this Aba Federal Constituency bye-election is most annoying and exasperating. It shows the failure of our political culture and the dysfunctional nature of our political system. It is rather annoying.

To me, the whole Orji Uzor hullabaloo is unnecessarily over hyped. It is much ado about nothing. In the words of Shakespeare, it is so full of sound and furry signifying nothing.

For the records, Orji Uzor Kalu is more of a burden to APC in this election. Orji Kalu came with such a burdensome weight that wouldn’t allow his brother and stooge, Mascot to fly. The very day APC lost this election was the very day he foisted Mascot, his own biological brother, on the party. Aba people, typical of true Igbos, are republicans. We are a respectful people but genuflecting in obeisance to any imperial demigod is not a part of the chemistry of our composition. The same blood that made our womenfolk to resist the excesses of the British overlords still runs in the present Aba people.

In today’s election Orji Uzor Kalu will be resisted; APC shall be rejected and Mascot shall be humiliatingly defeated.

The race is between APGA and PDP. Sympathy for the deceased Ossy Prestige would have given Destiny an edge over Ebisike but this advantage has been whittled down by Ikpeazu’s sterling performance especially, in the recent past. The main vote in Aba is resident in Ngwa Rd, Ohanku Rd, Obohia and Port Harcourt Rd axis. That was the late Ossy Pristge’s vote basket. The people of these areas suffered terribly in the hands of previous PDP governments. Consequently, the people of these areas had to protest their plight with their votes. But the Ikpeazu’s caterpillars are roaring there changing the narrative. Roads are wearing new looks. Drainages are being built. A new thing is happening there. And the people are happy and hopeful for more. Aba people are not ingrates. Moreover, they know the strategic implications of not voting PDP as it concerns completion of the ongoing projects.

Again, Destiny’s plight is made more precarious by his orphan status. The defection of Otti from APGA and death of Ossy Prestige has killed APGA in Abia. Destiny’s electoral loss today would be the last burial for the party. Destiny may win the votes but he will certainly lose the election. Mascot has the APC structure, Orji Kalu, Emeka Nwogu, Daa Nkechi, Otti and money. Ebisike has Ikpeazu, Abaribe, money, state government apparatus and PDP machinery.

A combined onslaught from all flanks and at the same time would be too lethal for an orphaned Destiny to contend with. In it all, Destiny has my respect for having evinced the courage of standing up to his convictions.

Conclusively, at stake today is the soul and future of Abia. Happening today is a 2023 litmus test. Whatever the outcome of today’s election might be, Abia has been polarized the more. The battle line has been drawn and the rubicon has been crossed.

The days ahead are hazy and full of premonitions.

  • Ord. Ezemuo.

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