How can I forgive my ancestors?


How can I forgive my ancestors?

By Paddy Anyatonwu

Each time I take a look at the mental damage these Europeans did to some of our psyches, hiccups visit me.

A group of dudes came here, reformatted our brains, called the ways of our ancestors evil, exchanged our culture with theirs, and told us in plain words that we are inferior to them.

They gave us a book, colonized our minds, and sold the idea that anything that is not in that book is false from the pit of hell.

They went to India and told them that Mary has a little Lamb, but their ancestors told that Shiva has a better Cow.

India refused their policy of assimilation.

For Indians, they saw through them and retained their culture.

Religion is good in itself.

It is in the nature of human intelligence to seek, but fear was unleashes on us and many believed and became more religious that the progenitors.

If it is true that many roads lead to the markets, is it possible for religious fanatics to allow others to ask questions before believing?


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