One would have thought Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu has learnt his lesson during his stay at Kuje but hell no, he never did!


To think a man who is occupying a distinguished and exalted position such as Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria would stoop so low to lie shamelessly before his people just to get them do his biddings is not only detasteful but irresponsible.

I and many people of goodwill last weekend watched on national TVs as a man who ought to have been making restitutions and apologizing to the people of God’s own state for looting their treasury dry opened his lying mouth wide yet again to misinform the gullible.

I use to think OUK is very intelligent and smart… He proved me wrong with his lousy lies. If you must lie to curry favour and or get votes, then make it even more difficult for people to decipher.

Imagine telling people Federal Government built and delivered state roads in Abia?
Even going further to pledging to provide proofs of his unfounded lies just poison the people’s mind against their governor, wow what a shame.

I read from some of OUK’s supporters how boastful he’s been, on how he “made” most notable Abians. OUK said he picked Distinguished Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe from gutters, really?
How does getting the services of one to serve in his government translate in “making them”?
OUK should be grateful to the people who served with him and not use derogatory words on them. We all knew how OUK acquired his ill-gotten wealth, in a saner clime all he took from our treasury would have been recovered while he cools off in correctional facility.

Abians arise…
OUK and his likes should not be allowed near public offices let alone occupying such.
His walking the street a free man is very insulting to our mentality.

Since we all know OUK is a serial lair, the least Abians should demand from OUK is unreserved apologies for lying and deceiving uninformed Abians and most importantly for looting Abia dry and impoverishing our people.

Until he does that on National TV, he shouldn’t step a foot in Abia.

I am Anyatonwu Witson

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