By Witson Anyatonwu

For too long the indigenous people of Aba have been deprived of their rights to ownership of their land and it’s proceeds especially political wise. But thank God nature in it’s wisdom has out of its benevolence broken the jinx last Saturday.

For the records Aba is of the Ngwa Nation and not No-Man’s-Land…

No man’s land is land that is unoccupied or is under dispute between parties who leave it unoccupied out of fear or uncertainty. The term was originally used to define a contested territory or a dumping ground for refuse between fiefdoms.

Aba has never been unoccupied nor has its ownership been in dispute!!!
Aba can only be likened to a metropolitan area.
It is only mischievous to proclaim an ancient home of the people disputed or unoccupied for political gains.

Those claiming ownership of other people’s land and subjecting them to sort of slavery or disdain are simply the enemy of the people. You can not beat a child without mercy and still expect him/her not to cry.
Politics comes with lots of unimaginable actions and inactions. Only the wise survives and stays afloat its murky waters. The victory rally witnessed yesterday was timely and reassuring as it further strengthened the resolve of the indigenous people of Aba to be in the driving seat of their collective patrimony.

I saw in the faces of the people, that one pride a landlord put up when he/she reclaims that which is his/hers. The people made a loud statement and it was heard at the appropriate quarters.

Going forward, whoever that still think the indigenous people are daft and or incapable of leading should have a rethink. From what I witnessed, the people’s minds are made up and any sort of obstacle(s) would be crushed.

As the lot fell on Hon Chimaobi Ebisike to lead, the indigenous people are very expectant.
Now that one of theirs is at the helm of affairs it would be a dream come true if he delivers every dividend due them, only that and nothing more would complete the emancipation of the indigenous people of Aba.

Congratulations to the PDP family
Congratulations to Hon Chimaobi Ebisike
Congratulations to the Indigenous People Of Aba

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