By Emma Anyagwa

Each time a group of Christians gather at a place for programme such as crusades, vigils, ministries, worships, I ask myself, what do they wish to achieve? These gatherings are done usually on Sundays and some special days. But this time around, it is conducted on weekdays. In such cases, you’d see thousands of people leaving their core jobs and responsibilities to attend such programmes. What do they hope to achieve? Were these achieved at the end of the day? Is this in line with the teachings of Christ? I was meant to understand that these are forms of communal prayers. In as much as there is absolutely nothing wrong with people coming together to worship God, some of the intentions for doing these fall short of the directives of our Lord Jesus Christ.
As long as man is still seeking for the real face and nature of the creator, man will continue to create what he thinks is supreme enough to be his creator. For many believers, God is the creator who knows everything and has infinite power to do all things. In view of this, he has given man all power to discover, utilize and manage what he has created. According to the scripture, God has finished creating the world. He has therefore given man the freedom and knowledge to discover what he has created and how best to use them for his own benefits. God is no longer creating any new thing. The process is that man should find solutions to any problem in the world. Man is also given the responsibility to discover the nature of God. Many people are exploiting this through many avenues; science, religion etc.
Our main concentration in all our prayers to God, for those who believe is for him to reveal more of his creation and himself so that the fulfillment of his desire shall be consummated.
When asked by his disciples to teach them how to pray, he guided them through a process. They are, as stated in Matt 6:9-13 and Lk 11: 1-4ff

  1. Praise, exalt and worship God
  2. Invoke his kingdom to come on earth( A kingdom of total peace, unity and love)
  3. Let God’s will(Not man’s will) be done on earth (Remember the commandments)
  4. Provision of opportunities every day for man’s sustenance.
  5. Forgiveness of sins of our fellow human beings as he does to us
  6. Free us from evil and temptation into such.
    Another time Jesus Christ practically prayed for his followers in Jn 17:1-26, he requested for the following;
  7. That they may all be one (United)
  8. That they should not be of the world even though in the world as he did
  9. That God protects them from evil of the world
  10. That they should be consecrated in truth
  11. That they should all believe in him
  12. That they should love one another as he has loved them
  13. That they should always keep the will of God.

Our lesson therefore is that God is not continually working everyday as man does. He has put everything in place for man to discover and utilize. He wants all to love one another irrespective of tribe, religion, race and people. We must unite together in the effort to bring his kingdom to earth. What this means is to know God as he really is. At this time everything would be perfect. We should therefore stop asking God to do what we can do ourselves. It is only lazy people who do so.
God is not partial. Don’t thank him for preventing you from dying in an accident where others died. They are all his children. Accident is totally human. Don’t ask him to help you to pass examinations. If you read, you’d pass. Failure of examination is not failure in life. Do not pray that God should keep you alive. He has already done that. It is your duty to sustain your life. All must die. Nobody has control of death. Prepare yourself for death for it must come. At the fulfillment of time, there may not be death again. But for now, death is certain. Do not pray for visa to travel nor for your container to be released. These are totally human process. Don’t pray for male or female children. This is within human power. Even bearing children is totally human. To be rich and acquisition of wealth is totally human. God does not choose those who are rich and those to be poor. All have equal opportunities in life. The situation you are today is just by accident. There are circumstances that make one rich, poor, intelligent, black, white, speaks certain language and live in a particular place. They are all by accident but within the process of evolution desired by God.

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