Be intentional

Be intentional
By  Chinenye Nwaogu
“Be impeccable with your words; speak with integrity, say only what you mean, avoid using words to speak against yourself or gossiping about others, use the power of your words in the direction of truth and love.”
While in the pursuit of success and excellence, people tend to overlook some vital qualities they need to imprint in their minds and express in their lives. You need some foundational attributes to really get far in life.
Do not be confused because of some climes where materialism and get rich quick mentality is eroding core norms and values. Those are not sustainable at all. Nothing is more important than integrity. It is one quality once you have, gives direction to other aspects of your life.
Integrity is the fulcrum upon which your life should revolve. You should have the capacity to do what you say. Integrity is not a value you achieve overnight. It is usually tested and sometimes goes through the furnace. Integrity will surely pay off at the end of the day.
My boss says, “the world isn’t looking for more educated men and women, the world may not be looking for more intelligent beings, the world may not need more powerful people, the world certainly needs more people of Integrity”. Any society where Integrity is not elevated properly is doomed to fail. Nothing built on anything other than that can survive.
Learn to speak and act with Integrity. It may cause you losses in the interim but the gains far outweigh the imaginary losses you may feel. You can decide to change if you have Integrity issues. It may be difficult to gain the trust of people once you have failed them in the past, but do not let their distrust of the new you deny you the beautiful opportunities that a life of Integrity offers, including peace of mind. A person of Integrity has no reason to look over his shoulders.
It is very important to say only what you mean and mean what you say. If you don’t mean it, do not say it. Learn to be accountable. Learn to build trust. Trust is fast becoming a very scarce commodity, people have been heartbroken trusting others, do not blame them much when they do not give you the benefit of the doubt. Earn the trust you expect people to have in you.
Do not fall into the temptation of overpromising, it is even better to underpromise and over perform than otherwise. Learn to keep your words, do not let the pressure make you say things you do not mean. I know it is not popular to do this and people may pressure you to say things you do not mean. If you are known for this for a long time you lose value, trust, and integrity.
Words are powerful, it is important to use words to build rather than destroy. Avoid using words to speak against yourself or gossip against others. If you do not have anything good or uplifting to say keep your mouth shut. You are not meant to speak anytime.
Even the good book observes that a fool may be counted wise when he keeps quiet. You must not talk about everything. Use words that are uplifting, seasoned with salt. Your words can either build or destroy so use them well.
Especially parents of little children. Your words can build a wonderful life or create a child that will become a failure. Children learn most of the core values at home. Parents as you know are the first and best teachers any child will ever have. A lot of that training happens by the way you speak to them. Speak life into people and yourself.
With your words, you can make the world a place of love and truth. Whenever you are tempted to speak, weigh how your word will either increase love or hate, chose wisely. Let your word increase love around you.
Do not fall into the category of those who spit out the fire out of their mouth. Speak kindly, softly, intently even when you disagree do so courteously. Some criticism does not achieve intended purposes because of the way they are couched. People are naturally defensive even when they are wrong. As wrong as that is, that’s the truth, so you need to speak nicely and communicate love when dealing with others.
The world needs men and women who speak the truth, you should be one.
Be impeccable with your word, if you haven’t been starting today and witness a great turnaround in your relationships.

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