Don’t be reactive

“Do not take anything personally, do not think that everything people do is about of you, because what people do or say is their own projection of reality and their own dreams, when you are immune to the opinion and action of others you won’t be a victim of needless suffering.”
A proper understanding of life can save you from endless psychological and mental torment. It will prepare you to live happily for the most part of your existence. Do not take things too personally, do not imagine that everything people do is because of you. Do not get too presumptuous that you imagine every negative thing.
People make innocent mistakes, people approach life basically from their level of understanding, knowledge and based on the information available to them. When you take things so personally, you probably hurt yourself unnecessarily. Some people destroy beautiful relationships because they have imagined so many things that are not even real.
If in doubt of anything, ask questions clearly to seek better understanding. Do not keep quiet when you need to understand anything clearly. Observing and seeking proper clarification will help you with better information that will guide you.
The level of information and knowledge you acquire in life will largely determine how far you can actually go in life. Knowledge acted upon gives you power, experience, and strength but you must acquire the knowledge first.
Do not live too much on assumptions, it may destroy a lot of things. In dealing with others you may need to appreciate the fact that what they say or do is based on their level of understanding. This fact will help you a lot in dealing with people as you journey on. Though it is a hard thing to assimilate, that is the truth.
You may feel pained or become a victim of someone’s ignorance or lack of knowledge, but the fact is that nobody can give what they do not have. It also includes knowledge. You cannot act beyond the capacity of your knowledge no matter how hard you try, that is why you must constantly work hard to improve yourself.
The investments you make in your acquisition of knowledge will always pay off. This may not mean the same as formal schooling, though it’s part of it but not limited to that. Many wise people have advised others to read voraciously, explore life to truly acquire knowledge it will always come in handy as you move in the course of life.
Seek opportunities to acquire experiences that you may need as you travel on. One of the things that will become an eternal part of you is knowledge. Any knowledge you get will eternally become part of you, so none is a waste.
In dealing with others, your level of knowledge will always come handy. The more knowledgeable you are, the more you have the capacity to approach life properly.
Many things people do will not harm or affect you negatively if you have a better perspective about life. Learn to understand people better before you engage or deal with them. When you do it will help you to interact better with less acrimony. This attribute is very vital yet one of the hardest to develop and live by. Not many have mastered this act, if you do it will help you a great deal.
If you have the capacity to examine the mind of the one that hurts you or causes you to be angry, you may come to observe that what the fellow needed more was pity and help instead of anger.
In reality, many people really need an understanding heart to relate with. The world is filled with too many impatient people, I may be one. Many people listen to respond not to understand. You will observe this, especially when you need to engage in a heart-to-heart conversation with people.
So if you truly seek to become excellent in life, this attribute when mastered will be one of your greatest tools.

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