By Emma Anyagwa

The greatest challenges we have in Nigeria are greed, corruption and lack of patriotism. Nobody is taking ownership of the country. The country is being torn into shreds through ethnic, religious, political and business divides.


Nobody takes charge of the public property which is being vandalized with careless abandon. The public sector is raped as if they are not managed by same Nigerians who run the private sectors.

Even those in government are helpless in running the public sector which used to be very enviable in the 70s and 80s thereby privatizing almost every public sector without meaningful results.

If public offices are unproductive and so difficult to manage by public officers and privatization the best system; the best thing then is to privatize the Federal, State and Local governments as we have done to agencies and parastatals?

At least we’d get qualified people to run the government as business and be accountable to the people who own them.

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