Court of Appeal acquits Dokpesi.


Court of Appeal acquits Dokpesi.

Before nko?

The man who stole the money is walking around

Yet the man whom he asked to use the money is charged

Only in Nigeria.

They kiss the strong and slap the weak.

Dokpesi, Metuh, and co had no access to the national treasury

Yet you charged them for money laundering and conspiracy to steal but refused to charge the man who gave them money for any offence.

You are angry with Metuh and Dopkesi. They ate some of the money meant to fight the insurgency.

But you are happy with the man who sent trucks into the treasury to loot the CBN and send Dopkesi and Metuh on errand .

How was Metuh or Dokpesi supposed to know if the money a president paid into their account to buy him akara and moimoi belonged to the president or to the country?

Okay they are a bit of the money. It’s their ogas money.

Arent errand boys allowed to blow their noses while blowing the trumpet for their master ?

It’s not their oga’s money?

Their oga stole it, abi?

And you cant punish him, kwo?

E yaaa!

The country is an amusement park.

Ugo Egbujo

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