Another Beer Oil


Another Beer Oil

Another lie told by the organized Religion to man is that “Your Destiny can be stolen”.
This is simply laughable.
You’re your Karma.

You’re 100% yourself and fully in charge of whatever you become.
You are the maker of yourself.
The God of realization has given you everything and so equipped.
This destiny business is ploy to create fear within the consciousness of man.

Don’t believe them.
Pay attention to yourself.
Live consciously.
You were born to do good.
Don’t be envious.
You’re also a creator.
That Force that created the Universe was not exhausted.
You have the capacity to create directly from the Universe.
There is no external force or forces controlling you.

Oh yes, you can make a mistake.
As elementary as drinking water, how many of us drink water consciously?
How many know how best to breathe?
You see, everything that happens to you is within.
Pay attention to the piece of life.
The life force will cooperate with you.
Destiny is not in your experience.
Don’t bother what you don’t know.
Do you your homework.

There are immense possibilities.
The moment you start paying attention to yourself, life dimensions will open up to you.
Your destiny is not a product.

Paddy Anyatonwu

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